Currently our supply chain consists of more than 50 key manufacturers plus over 100 smaller ones. Several suppliers have even opened satellite operations next door to our factories in order to better service our needs. For every type of component, we have multiple sources, which insures competitive pricing, consistent quality, and unlimited capacity.

In order to meet the demands for continuous growth and improvement we are constantly developing new sources of supply. From suppliers specializing in body materials including wood, ceramic, steel, plastic, resin, and glass, to experts in finishing processes such as hand painting, electro plating and chemical dying, we are always seeking better and more competitively priced suppliers. We are also highly focused on using green packaging and other environmentally friendly materials and processes.

We have a fully equipped research and testing laboratory located within our DCI facility that is staffed with an experienced engineering team. We design, develop and test our own LED drivers to insure quality as well as competitive pricing before sending them out for certification and final production.

Our current supply chain structure insures not only production stability, but it also enables us to have an ongoing flow of new designs and samples which can be developed and delivered in a very timely manner. We have entered into strategic alliances with several suppliers which include signed contracts. This helps to insure on time delivery, consistent quality, and stable pricing. We constantly monitor vendor performance in an effort to insure that we can continue to properly service our customers. The stability and reliability of the supply chain has helped to maximize our growth and profitability.